When will the Moonies grow up?


 Moon·ie   /muni/  [moo-nee] –noun
A blind follower of Barack Obama,  as defined by Democrat William Daley.

We’ve had a few too many Heavy Breather posts lately, scattered among the more sensible and interesting posts, designed to scare and rile up the gentle folk. They assume the average Juice reader is ignorant, stupid, half witted and has serious short term memory loss. Otherwise, why would they bother repeating the same tired lies and lines that have been in use since a man named Karl sat down to write a little ditty in Brussels in 1848?  The truth and success of the American institution has to be reiterated, time and again. If you would listen to the Moonies, American success had nothing to do with the individual being responsible for himself/herself, taking care of their parents and grandparents in old age, paying for their own doctor, and largely and almost entirely, being responsible for earning and dispensing the product of their labor.  No, it has to do with America being a slave holding, bigoted, hateful, discriminating nation. Think about the disconnect of that. Do all the things which fail to motivate people and create discord in cooperation, and you get success.

Today, the Moonies seek to shift those personal obligations to their collective masters, take long vacations, and get paid for that 13th month. (see Greece). They do not respect nor understand the success of America’s past and seek to do nothing but pass on their personal obligations to others. Let everyone else pay for it. Let everyone else contribute. Don’t worry if I don’t work, I deserve to get paid anyway. Don’t worry if I don’t save for the doctor, I deserve to have the doctor work for me anyway. Don’t worry if I can’t work with enough skill to be paid a wage to keep me comfortable. I’m owed it whether I ever bothered to learn to read or not. Don’t worry whether I live a lifestyle of good personal habits. I can just get preventitive medicine paid for, and tell people they’re saving money. (that’s not true, as it turns out)

No, instead I can lavish my ignorance, anger, greed and selfishness upon those who work and provide for what I want and make them feel guilty for doing so. I can have it all, and I can be the victim, which means I don’t have to be accountable for anything.

Moonies are losers. Don’t be a Yes Man! Don’t be a moonie.

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