Seeing, Counting and Turning Green!

Before anything else….be sure to “drink and act responsibly” tomorrow!  Celebrating  St. Patrick’s Day is for any and all faiths that can share the joys of the Irish, you don’t even have to be Catholic!  It is one of those wonderful holidays when you can put on the stupid green hat, Kelly green T-Shirt and/or Bully Green Buttons touting the great, proud and fine accompishments of St. Patrick or the wearer of the Green.  The Patron Saint of Ireland.  Those “Kiss me I’m Irish” buttons are especially offensive, unless of course, you are a “Hooter’s or Hawaiian Tropic Girl”….at least in our opinion.  Basically, if you are just willing to down a Guiness and gobble up a  Corned Beef Sandwich……you can pretend to be Irish for a day!  So, let the festivities begin!

The whole Gaelic thing is rather confusing.  Why are there  Scottish and Irish Gaelic words:         Surely, language separates us all.  But let us not confuse the great works of St. Andrews with those of St. Patrick. Who knows how to speak Russian, Chinese, Arabic – much less Gaelic.  “Erin go Bragh” can mean different things to different people.  Just ask the IRA!  “Irish Republican Army” – for those who don’t know!  Tomorrow they will be celebrating St. Pat’s day, even in Northern Ireland, where all the Presbyterians live and control.  There will be no talk of St. George on this day!

St. Patrick’s Day is the one  time of year when USC  Trojan fans can come together with Notre Dame “Fighting Irish” fans and join arm in arm singing  “Irish ditties” together – until the cows come home.  “Detante” for the day, unless of course some Guiness is inadvertantly splashed in someones face, on an innocent girlfriend or wife or spilled directly on the other’s head or shoes – without even an apologetic qualm. 

There are lots of reasons to celebrate St. Pat’s.  St. Pat chased all the snakes out of Ireland.  How he did that is not really documented.  Leave it be said that ridding the countryside of the entire population of these slimy creatures was no easy feat.  Perhaps he established an Import-Export Business, Created Hedge Funds, Derivative Markets or other Special Investment Vehicles which the Lords and Ladies of Ireland supported through their own Import – Export Bank. Then of course rightly insured by Lloyds of London!    Whoops!  Probably not!  Maybe they did and Lloyds never paid – who knows!

So have a safe and enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, drink if you will responsibly and by all means celebrate a great day to be Irish, even if you are a Methodists, or Southern Baptist –  Mormons, Muslims and others similarly inclined can just wear the gear, watch the chaos – but restrict their activities to their own acceptable standards of behavior and teachings or faith!  

For the rest of us – Party on!

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