New Assembly Speaker John Perez gives chief of staff a $65,000 raise

“New Assembly Speaker John A. Perez gave his top aide a pay increase of nearly $5,400 a month upon becoming leader of the lower house.  Sara Ramirez, Perez’s chief of staff, saw her annual salary boosted from $125,256 to $190,008 effective March 1, according to documents obtained under state open-records law,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

California’s median household income is $57,988. So Perez is paying his chief of staff more than three times the median household income.

California is broke. Perez has already talked about raising our taxes – again. And this is how he starts his new term as Assembly Speaker, by giving his chief of staff a $65,000 raise. Nice. He also handed out raises to eight other employees.

Remember this when the Democrats start talking about raising our taxes again.

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