How I like my steak…

The public show at Blair House last week convinced a majority of Americans that the Government Media/Democrat line on Conservative ideas on health care was just like the Obamacare Scheme: a comical narrative. In fact, Obama had to say at the end that his health care scheme must be popular because of the popularity of the individual ideas. This despite the fact that not one poll anywhere can say that the American people support this bill becoming law. This bill is so bad that Socialized medicine supporter and supreme Obama advocate Warren Buffet said that the Senate bill should be scrapped and a new start made, because the cost of health care needs to scaled down, and this bill doesn’t do it.

So let’s just say for the record that Americans DO like the idea of no pre-existing conditions, eliminating lifetime benefit caps, and caps on out of pocket expenses. They also like tort reform which makes up 25 cents of every dollar wasted in unnecessary tests and procedures, trying to prevent lawsuits.

So why would Americans not go for the bill as a whole?

Well, let’s just say the Democrats were arguing a different bill, even in a time of plenty. Suppose they were trying to demagogue one of their favorite canards: Millions of kids in America go to bed hungry! So, they propose the Supper Entitlement. On Monday, you get steak delivered to every eligible family. On Tuesday Fried Chicken. On Thursday, casserole. And so on.

Why, steak on Monday nights? I’d love that!

But then suppose you explain the rest of it. Half a trillion in new taxes. Half a trillion in cuts to Medicare. 111 new federal bureaucracies to help distribute your Supper Entitlement. And regulations that tell you how your steak is going to be cooked. How excited are you about steak on Mondays now?

No free supper.

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