Health Care, Government Style

Medical care, Cuban style

We have the best medical care in the world. Most people in this country have health insurance so they can go to the doctor and get procedures when they want them. Those who don’t can go to the emergency room and the specialist on the public dime. Yes, there are reforms that could and should occur. Most actual reforms, tho, are not things that the Obama Administration wants. They mean more competition. More individual choice. More ability for the individual to act and to secure his own health insurance and, more importantly, pay directly for the kind of medical care they want. 

Those are facts. Those shaky shut-ins who don’t venture out and imagine the world around them a scary dangerous place that they need protection from, they may not agree. They announce “If that dictator had free health care, we’d love that dictator.” They announce there are imaginary places where people receive better medical care than the United States. They will talk about better places, better ways, they will bash your country and talk about what to be afraid of and who’s to blame for it.

Patient Reform, Socialized Medicine Style

Well, let’s see what the Democrat Party and its Progressive masters put up as Health Care Reform.  Let’s see if they are willing to destroy the best medical care in the world by controlling who pays for it. As long as YOU, the individual, are able to pay for the health care you want, when you want it, we will get the best medical care there is. But all that will end once you can no longer receive health care unless everyone else can get it to.

Patient conditions, collectivist health care style

It will be illegal for doctors to take private health insurance. The FDA will control what you eat, what you drink and what medicine you are allowed to take. Obamacare will not control costs, it will only control spending. The difference between what something costs and what Obamacare will spend, now that government will be in charge of what your health care costs, that will be the difference between what medical care you do and don’t get. Trying to control the cost an individual has to pay on anything only increases the demand.

Hence, you get lines. Deteriorating conditions. Overwhelmed systems. Sure it took fifty years for it to get this bad in Cuba. But that’s what you’ll be leaving behind for your sons and daughters. Real nice.

The Left has gotten advice from some of the brightest members of the Democrat Party that America is not buying some of its most cherished lunatic fantasies, and that passing this Health Care will be a millstone around the neck of the Jeffersonians for many an election to come.

Watch your Sunday morning programs, boys and girls. You may just see the first truly nationalization of mid term elections. People won’t be going out to vote for their Congressman or Senator. They’ll be going out to vote against THIS BILL.


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