Fess Parker has left the building..

Tim McCoy and Iron Eyes Cody were our first heroes…on Channel 5 in 1952. Tim used Indian sign language and explained the life of the great American plains Indians in detail, their ways, and how they lived. Tim also played in a variety of episodes of the “Three Mesketeers” which featured Hoot Gibson, Bob Steele, occasionally Tim Holt and of course Tim McCoy himself. Our 17 inch black and white Magnavox TV was always riveted. Prior to that time, it was only Hopalong Cassidy with his horse “Topper” and the Lone Ranger and “Silver” that had our hero attention. Of sure, The Cisco Kid and Pancho, Roy and Dale Rogers and “Trigger” were fun, Tex Ritter the singing cowboy, Gene Autry and “Champion”….were entertaining, but not so worthy of our hero worship.

Then, in 1955 coinciding with the grand opening of the Disneyland park in Anaheim, California came: “Davy Crockett – King of the Wild Frontier”. The Wonderful World of Disney had created arguably the very first great “Television Entertainment Hero and Phenom”! A worldwide, global sensation was created that had transended language, ethnic backgrounds or nationalities. Fess Parker and his sometimes contentious pal Buddy Ebsen and a rifle named “Betsy” had taken an American historical legend and brought it to life – in vivid color television, that would have made James Cameron and his “Avatar”, more than jealous! How many “Coonskin Caps” were sold? Millions!

We were lucky enough to interview Fess Parker a few years back. We went to Fess Parker’s Los Olivos Inn and Spa – up Santa Barbara – Los Olivos way, into his backyard and just sat and chatted with our childhood hero for an hour. We got to ask him anything we wanted and he was both more friendly and more forthcoming, than we could have ever imagined. Fess Parker in our opinion was one of great men and when he passed away yesterday at 85……it just doesn’t seem fair. He had spent his life living the American dream, fighting with men – great and small. Becoming a great Real Estate mogul in one of the most restrictive areas of the United States, and becoming a true friend of Native Americans everywhere – including his local Chumash tribe. He managed to upset a variety of bigwigs in Santa Barbara and stuck to his principals throughout it all.

We encourage everyone who ever wondered about Fess Parker, to go to our website: www.cuttingedge-atalkshow.com and go to our Southern California page….and watch our interview with Fess! You can also go to Google Video and find it there. Whether Fess Parker was Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, a song and dance man or a Real Estate Developer, a wine maker or just a wonderful family man. Little doubt, Fess was connected politically to the great ones and to the entertainment community. Our love for Fess Parker will not diminish. Our deepest sympathy to his lovely wife of 50 years Marcella and to the entire Parker family and friends!

Fess Parker may have left the building….but not our hearts or memory ever!

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