Bush Takes Aim at Alan Grayson (D-Fl)

Alan Grayson is leading the fight for a “Medicare-You-Can-Buy-Into” bill to be passed this year (which I’ll write about soon)  – It’s exactly what the “far from perfect” Healthcare Reform needs to keep down costs and give us a real choice when we’re required to get insurance.  He’s also the number one target for the GOP this year because he is outspoken, entertaining, and effective – and yet, by all reports, the Republicans in his majority-Republican Orlando district think he’s the greatest things since sliced bread – go figure!

He’s having what we call a “Money Bomb” today, so I shoulda put this up earlier – I tossed $15 in the pot this morning even though I’m just a poor musician, and I invite you too as well – even if you disagree with him sometimes, what would you do without his entertainment?

Click HERE.

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