U.S. ACORN Attorney out of O’Keefe Case

So while the Democrat-led Federal Law Enforcement made sure that the Underwear Bomber was offered an attorney within 50 minutes, James O’Keefe sat in jail for 28 hours. Now we FINALLY find out the U.S. Attorney who tried to set the media stage for “Watergate II” was out on his butt the same day they were released on bail. The prostitute peddling offices of ACORN are still shutting down and even the Obama Administration is smart enough to appeal ACORN v USA. Methinks Judge “Hey, you can’t pull the Brooklyn Museum of Arts funding just cause you don’t like poop on the walls!” Gershon is up for a turnover.

ACORN is so innocent that the California branch has changed its name to the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment. Left wing BLOGs like Raw Story are still posting journalistic malpractice insinuating that wiretapping or interference of phone lines is in any way at issue here and more Whistleblower tapes await the Left Wing pimps and pedophiles for the next election cycle.

And have you been introduced to the ACORN 8 yet?

While you may have heard that only right wingers are attacking ACORN, in reality, ACORN has already bloomed a whole nest of whistleblowers for Voter fraud, voter registration fraud, unpaid taxes, unfair labor practices, and the list goes on…

The ACORN 8 were expelled from the prostitution peddling organization when they tried to expose a $1 million embezzlement scheme being covered up by founder Wade Rathke. Complicit in the eight year cover up? Why, the new head of the California division of ACORN, Amy Schur. Schur has been in charge of the group’s national campaigns and is likely to testify later this year when ACORN is going on trial for illegally paying canvassers in Nevada, and are suspected of the same action in a dozen other states.

ACCE’s office address is shown in the registration as 3655 S. Grand Ave., Suite 250, Los Angeles 90007. That address just so happens to be the address of California ACORN’s headquarters too.

ACORN plays a game of corporate musical chairs when it gets into trouble. When an ACORN affiliate does something admirable, ACORN emphasizes the ties it has to that affiliate. When an affiliate does something infamous, ACORN plays dumb and its byzantine organizational structure allows it to claim plausible deniability.

Such chicanery is standard operating procedure at ACORN, according to ACORN lawyer Elizabeth Kingsley. In an internal legal memo in 2008 Kingsley described the hoops that ACORN jumps through to create the façade that its affiliates are independent of each other.

Key ACORN affiliates argue they are not “‘affiliated,’ ‘related,’ or ‘controlled’ by or with each other, for various legal purposes, while allowing actual control to be exercised in a highly coordinated manner,” she wrote. ACORN suffers from “an organizational culture that resembles a family business more than an accountable organization.”

Get that? A former lawyer for ACORN compares their organization to Tony Soprano. Friggin BEEEUUUUTIFUUUULLLLL!

My recommendation. Stop believing the MSM spew and learn for yourself.

Then, sign up to BOYCOTT ACORN NOW!

You’ll be glad you did.

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