Toyota…the New Pinto!

The Congressional hearings on the Toyota meltdown has been compelling to say the least.  As the lady recanted her frightful Mr. Toads Wild Ride… over 100 MPH with both feet planted firmly on the brakes.  That she couldn’t even turn off the engine until, by itself it slowed to 33 MPH.  With both feet on the brakes, mind you!  Supposedly, she should have tried to put the car immediately into Neutral….then step on the brakes.  If that didn’t work…..should she have tried Reverse?  What  next:  Use a boat anchor?  The Management of Toyota says it is a simple matter of using “authorized floormats” and use a good car wash to make sure you vaccum up the dust around the accelerator pedal.  Hmmm!

Manufacturers of any product can make mistakes.  Even the Colt Single Action Peacemaker .45 had a tendency of going off when dropped.  Anything mechanical can have problems.  Many firearms have been known to not quit firing all by themselves until there were no more bullets(semi-automatic firearms).   The chances of a garden “Weedwhacker” or shop “Beltsander” killing someone is probably very real if you could find the right example.  The well documented  Band & Table Saws were probably solely responsible for the end to Shop Classes for high schoolers.  It cost lots of people fingers, hands and arms!

Then came the Pinto!  Consumer Protection was a concept that that had perculated through society since the days of “cure alls for everything ” being sold in wagons to native Indians and  “buyer beware Wagon Trains” across our great country.  The turn of the Century in 1900 was especially a time when the flim-flam was in and even Coca-Cola contained addicting Cocaine!  Some pharmaceuticals used Opium, some cure-alls included different types of poisons.  “There was trouble….right here in River City……” as the Stage Show Music Man says!   It was 1937 before they even founded the FDA and it was grossly underfunded.  In the 60’s, Ralph Nader came riding to rescue.  The photos of exploding Pintos: that soon turned an affordable, good mileage car…..into pure dynamite!

Somethings never change: – 18 hours ago 

The Toyota has recalled over 8 million cars…so far.  Thank goodness there were not even that many Pintos ever made.  “The fix” has supposdedly been found.  Now how about all those people who have Toyota models affected, that aren’t taking their vehicles in to be fixed?  How many lazy or ill informed people might there be?  How would any buyer ever know…..if it is a used Toyota….that the vehicle has actually been fixed or repaired?  Probably should have some sort of sticker from the manufacturere – ya think?  How about some legislation….that says “any manufacturer recalls should require documented  authentication” before resale?

The worst part is:  Toyota isn’t even quite sure that they have actually fixed the problem accelerator, the emergency shut-off or the brake problems yet!

When might be a good time to tell everyone?  Where is Ralph Nader now that we need him?  We want that panicky  “white-knuckle video”,  as a consumer tries to madly to stop that Japanese “Christine” (originally a Plymouth in the movie!)  Cars with minds of their own – “taking you to where no one has gone before!”  Sadly, this is not just a case of  “Coffee too hot at McDonalds”….these are life and death issues which must be resolved.  If any of these autos are being bought by Government Agencies…..those days should now be over!  Buy American!  At least the Pinto’s we used to buy only blew up –  when hit in the rear!  Sounds like we are being hit in the rear again….only this  time – they aren’t saying when or if we might get the video!

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