The Truth About Matthew Cunningham

A Friend pointed out something that bears mentioning for those of us that have some sense of ethics but may be naïve when it comes to blogs and how some operate.

Did you know that Matthew Cunningham has another website besides the oh-so Mauve County? It’s Pacific-Strategies where he brags about “employing innovative social media strategies to advance your message and create community” and “influencing opinion leaders through via both new and tradional media”. Nice typo’s Matt. Clearly he is the superior communicator! I’m not too sure what this clown is trying to say with this: “successfully guiding your projecting throuygh the government approval process” and “providing seasoned counsel to ensure your message is taken seriously by opinion leaders ad key decision-makers”. It is hard to take anyone seriously that brags about communication and swaying public opinion when the author can’t even complete a sentence. A wordsmith he is not but maybe a word-butcher. Just imagine a game of scrabble with him.

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