Santa Ana 3rd Best City in America to Find Love

Using a detailed statistical analysis The Daily Beast has found Santa Ana to 3rd best place to find love amongst 104 American cities.

It must be the Santa Ana winds

Santa Ana beat Miami,  Austin,  San Francisco and (of course) Los Angelese as a better  place to find the match of your dreams due to is large number of singles,  large number of bars and restaurants, high marriage rate and low  divorce  rate.  With Valentine’s day around the corner, The Daily Beast even suggests a romantic hotspot:  Ambrosia.

The survey may be suspect, however: Anaheim came in second, with the ?romantic? hotspot of  The White House.   Are you taking notes, Gustavo?

p.s.  The picture is from a popular flickr page extolling “i love the santa ana winds they make me feel crazy and beautiful all at the same time.”

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