Measure to Legalize & Tax Pot coming in November!

The Sac Bee gives us the heads-up:    Enough signatures have now been gathered to qualify the “Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010” to be on November’s ballot! (Not to be confused with the June ballot, which will include the vitally important Fair Elections Act.)

The libertarian in me loves this, and doesn’t get much disagreement from the rest of me.  This can only help ameliorate two of California’s most pressing problems:   our ballooning budget deficit, and our bloated prison population.

And while I don’t enjoy or indulge in the drug myself, still, as I look around this wicked world, I’d say there would be a lot less war, crime and misery if some of these bastards would just get stoned and chill.

And it’s outrageously unfair that while the much-more harmful drug alcohol is legal and practically encouraged in many situations, this one’s demonized.  We all know that the main funders of anti-pot propaganda (who no doubt will be filling the airwaves with ads opposing this measure) are the alcohol and tobacco industries, always working safely behind sleazy astroturf front groups like the execrable “Partnership for a Drug-Free America,” which focuses all its effort attacking pot, ignoring really harmful drugs and squandering any credibility they might have.

Three things this blogger has long, long, failed to notice:

  • People driving too fast and recklessly, crashing their cars and killing each other, because they were stoned on pot.
  • Guys getting in fights for no compelling reason and beating the hell out of each other, because they were stoned on pot.
  • People beating and verbally abusing their mates and children because they were stoned on pot.

Of course that’s all just my observations;  what say Juice readers?

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