MacLeanites seething with anger as MacLean recall campaign wraps up

The MacLeanites are seething with anger…

Mission Viejo Councilman Lance MacLean started the road to his recall because of his infamous temper.  Now, as his recall election draws to a close, his supporters appear to be channeling his anger – and his incivility.

Case in point – Dan Avery, the head of the MacLeanites.  Avery’s comments got so bad that we had to ban him here at the Orange Juice.  But his emails kept coming.  Below are excerpts from his emails.  You will read for yourself just how ugly the MacLeanites have gotten as the campaign has worn on. I had to edit them due to the curse words he likes to use.

I am posting his comments chronologically below.  You will note that they get progressively worse as he begins to make more and more threats.  Is this what the MacLeanites are all about?

  • (Jan.1, 2010) YOU and I know the moment you said “you’d hold the post until you could approve it” that meant that you and your gay lover Gilbert would figure out some way to make me look stupid, Art.  And I will bet an entire weeks’ pay, and I make a lot more money than you do bucko, that more people in Orange County read Salon than your blog.  I went to UCI.  The number two school for writing.  I know everyone in CA who could get you to Number 1.  But it will Cost you bucko.  Have fun with Gilbert and his criminal friends.
  • (Jan.1, 2010) Man you are one pathetic man.  I’ve been on the net one hell of a lot longer than you Art.  But I do have to applaud you, you can read.  Damn I thought using her own name on the 460 would confuse you bumpkins.  What I find amusing is that y0u and Gilbert can’t admit what Connie Lee did to Rick S.  That this recall has nothing to do with Lance other than he was an easy target.  Why you guys trusted that gin-soaked slut is anyone’s guess.  Say Art, do you have a green card?
  • (Jan.2, 2010) MacClean as never charged and he didn’t break any laws.  To use a recall someone needs to break a law while in office, or steal money, something big. 
  • (Jan.3, 2010) Man you still don’t get it.  I would only be happy if MacLean lost in Nov.  I am not happy when people plan, as Larry as stated on your blog a couple of times, a revolution.  Our system isn’t perfect, but it is one of the better ones around.  Larry and his friends are fascists.  They have no interest in compromise or shared governance.  The want things run their way.  They are truly dangerous to our way of life.  Someday you’ll get it.  Right after Larry sticks one of his knives in your back.  And that day is coming.  Check it out, he’s turned his back on just about every candidate he’s sponsored.  Your turn will come. 
  • (Jan.6, 2010) Now here’s a link for you to read you stupid f*cking c*mstain
  • (Jan.6, 2010) Did you really not know what I was doing?  I’m in insurance for a living Art.  You’ve been played.  And the very first time Larry crosses the line with any of us we close you down.  Your only option left is to pull Larry’s blog or wait to be sued.  It’s your call.
  • (Jan.15, 2010) Art, do you pay in cash?  If you don’t withhold taxes you have to file a 1099.  Tyler admits he doesn’t know some of their addresses so it’s clear he can’t file a 1099, which means he broke the law and the IRS will come for him.  I own a business.  Guess I’ll write the IRS about you.  I am not bitter Art.  You can say that all you want but it won’t make it true.  Think of me when the IRS comes to see y0u.
  • (Feb. 1, 2010) Well I just sent an email to Kelli at Allstate.  She’s in charge of Customer Loyalty in Calfornia.  Think I’m full of sh*t?  My wife has been one of the top 5% of Allstate agents for the last 25 years.  The state folks listen to us when we email them.  You’re welcome.  By the way, how much is that going to cost you?
  • (Feb. 1, 2010) You  see now that the recall will fail I’ve moved on:  to stripping you of as much income as I can.  you’re a pathetic human stain art.  

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