Kiss the Border Security Project goodbye

We can have people sitting at consoles at March Air Force Base in Riverside flying remote control aircraft on the other side of the world, looking down to target and destroy bad guys, but we can’t make electronic surveillance on our southern border work. That seems to be the message from the Obama administration.

The Houston (Tex.) Chronicle reports that the Obama Administration has ordered a reassessment of the whole idea of installing a virtual fence along the 2,000 mile border. And, it what looks like a signal of things to come, the Presidents just released proposed budget contains a $ 189 million cut in the budget for this project.

The article reports that the first permanent segment of the so-called virtual fence, 23 miles in Arizona, was supposed to be turned over to the Border Patrol in January by the main contractor, Boeing. That has been delayed by reported problems with the video recording equipment.

“The original concept approved by Congress was to cost $ 6.7 billion, and was to secure the border with a virtual fence of cameras, grounds sensors and radar” reports the Chronicle. The project was launched in2005 amidst a growing public and political cry to control our southern border to reduce or eliminate drug trafficking and human traffickers, and was to be supplemented by 650 miles of real fences and thousands of new Border Patrol agents.

There have been numerous technological problems with this project as it was developed by Boeing. Many have been solved, so maybe this latest one – a problem with recording equipment – can be solved too. But, does the will to see this project to a successful completion exist? The budget cut proposed by Obama may be a signal of impending death.

Thank goodness our government has had the will to see the development and deployment of live action drones around the world to go after those who would harm us. Maybe the answer to what we need along our border can be found at nearby March Air Force Base.

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