For Harry Sidhu Carpetbagging Isn’t the Worst of it

Why is this man smiling?

He’s smiling because he’s thinking about how damn stupid you are. Too stupid too remember that his very first campaign act was to commit a fraud, a lie, a falsification of public documents: a phony voting registration address at the seedy Calabria Apartments in west Anaheim behind the Linbrook Pool hall.

How do we know it was a fake address? Well, Harry told us it was. He did that when his campaign handlers made him re-register at a more plausible although still dubious address – just four short weeks later! When he did that he acknowledged that his first address was just an outright lie; a lie perpetrated on you and me and everybody else in the 4th Supervisorial District. If you believe in the second address you have to admit the first one was a fake.

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