California GOP registration down to record low of 30.8%

California Latinos aren’t registering Republican, at all!

I warned the Republicans, and they didn’t listen.  Now GOP registration in California has dropped again – even as the Tea Party movement rages on.  The Republicans are now down to 30.8% of voter registration in California, according to a new column by Allen Hoffenblum.

Even worse, they are the minority party in every single congressional, state senate or assembly district.

What is happening?  Well, Latinos are registering to vote.  And they are NOT going Republican.  They are registering as Decline to State or Democratic voters.

I warned them.  Now the GOP is headed for extinction in the Golden State.  And we will all be worse off for it.   Democrats left unfettered are very bad news for the economy, for businesses and for jobs and working people.

But I suppose the union hacks will be quite pleased.

The tragedy is that after President Ronald Reagan signed the Amnesty, the GOP was primed to take the Latino vote.  Xenophobia stepped in and that was that, despite the fact that Latinos hold many values that are near and dear to Republicans.

Perhaps my fellow Libertarians might make a push for registration amongst Latino voters?  I hope so!

Click here to read Hoffenblum’s excellent op-ed.

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