Assembly Dems should kill SB 518 (the end free parking in Calif. act)

What were the Senate Democrats (except our Lou) thinking up in Sacramento last week?  Sure, when the culture of the single-passenger, gas-guzzling automobile dies away from its own unsustainability, that will be a good thing for the Earth and all living things.  But now is not the time to be forcing struggling Californians to pay more for parking as they desperately search for work!

This is exactly the tone-deaf social engineering, divorced from the realities of everyman, that folks hate about liberals, and makes it that much harder for folks to trust us when we attempt something that will really help them, like health care reform.

Now I hear there’s no danger this will take effect anyway as Arnold has promised a veto – this makes it even dumber!  Why shoot yourselves in the foot over a totally symbolic gesture?  “Democrats voted to take away our free parking!” is exactly what I don’t want to be hearing this Fall, as we try to flip the 68th and 70th AD’s.

All I can figure is this, something I’ve never thought or said before, but it feels oddly liberating to say:  Democrats are owned by the environmental lobby as surely as Republicans are owned by banks and oil companies.  ONE MORE REASON TO VOTE FOR FAIR ELECTIONS THIS JUNE 8!

Everybody call our lone OC Dem Jose Solorio at (714) 939-8469, ask him to vote against this lame-ass bill, and maybe he can talk some of his Assembly buddies out of it as well.  After all, what can the Sierra Club do to punish them – give money to some Republican who’s always bad on the environment?

(hat-tip to Sean, Sunny, and Jim Benson)

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