Arizona quits climate (suicide) pact

“A 2009 study by economists at California State University, Sacramento, and commissioned by the California Small Business Roundtable found implementation costs for AB32 ‘could easily exceed $100 billion’ and that by 2020 the program would raise the cost of living by $7,857 per household per year,” reports Investors Business Daily. Now, “Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, seeing which way the snow is blowing, has issued an executive order saying her state will suspend its participation in the emission-control plan or any program that could raise costs for businesses and consumers.”  This leaves only Silicon Valley corporate profiteers, their cynical California Democrat climate alarmist allies, Governor Schwarzenegger, and (apparently) Meg Whitman still clinging to AB 32.

The climate pact agreed to by all 50 states has a cost-benefit problem – massive costs and zero benefit. “The impact of a regional pact by a handful of states would be futile,” reports IBD, especially given that “a new coal-fired power plant big enough to serve San Diego comes on line in China every seven to 10 days, exporting more pollution to California and the West than such draconian proposals would ever hope to curb.”   While climate will not benefit, profiteering Silicon Valley corporate kleptocrats hope to pocket the plunder stolen from struggling California families and businesses.  Only California is ready to carry out the economic suicide pact in 2012.

Arizona’s leadership in repudiating the economic suicide pact will only bolster support for Assemblyman Dan Logue’s California Jobs Initiative, that will suspend AB 32, pending economic recovery.  Reportedly,  Meg Whitman has flip-flopped on her planned AB 32 moratorium and abandoned her support for the California Jobs Initiative.  She may have unmasked herself too soon, in a move that may prove campaign suicide.

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