Are Leftists and Socialists going insane?

Well, no. They already ARE too many bats shy in the belfry. Anyone who can seek to diminish the individual by growing the power of the collective just had too many rocks shaken loose as a child. But then every now and again we can be reminded of just how “close to the edge” your typical Coffee Filter, Warmer, Commie-lovin Pink Burqa is. 

Case in point: The Obama obsessed Alabama professor, Amy Bishop. Now, you’re saying, of course she was obsessed with Obama. She’s in academia. Yes, that’s true. But this little nutter was so obsessed as to be off-putting to the more mundane “let OSHA run your life” group think.

A family source said Bishop, a mother of four children – the youngest a third-grade boy – was a far-left political extremist who was “obsessed” with President Obama to the point of being off-putting. – Boston Herald

This hockey mom of four took a gun to work and plugged six co-workers, three permanently, because she didn’t get lifetime employment. Can you say “everyone should conceal and carry?” The only reason Mrs. Bishop didn’t kill more was because her gun failed.

And then you have the Austin Dive Bomber, Joseph Stack.

You can read Joseph Stacks anti-American, anti-capitalist manifesto here and understand yourself the background of this homegrown terrorist. He rails  against corporations, he rails against lack of representation, he rails against society. Basically, this foolish human being learned everything there was to know about being a victim from the Leftists and the Socialists in this country, and acted on it. 

He was even a victim of the eight years of GW Bush and his cronies. Looks like MSNBC did its job. Notice nobody argues about whether MSNBC is a news organ or not? Nobody would bother.

In his mind, Stack was no more a criminal than the thieves who are victims of their upbringing, trespassers who are victims of racism, liars who are victims of hate. Too many have excuses for their behavior and Joseph Stack learned the example too well.

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