ACORN Chief Quits Working Families Party amid perjury and campaign finance abuse charges

Drip, Drip, Drip. That’s the sound of inevitability. A tale of corruption here, a tale of prostitution there, charges of perjury and vote corruption here and there. That’s the tale of ACORN.

A little background. The Working Families Party is the not-disguised political front for unions, socialists, communists and progressives who for one reason or another have not found the Democrat Party to be radical enough. The embattled ACORN CEO, Bertha Lewis, has stepped down as New York State co-chair of WFP as it prepares to go to New York Federal Court in Staten Island on charges of voter registration fraud, vote fraud, election tampering, etc…

Really, the sum of it is this. The WFP is the political arm of Data & Field Services Corporation. That’s right. Socialists and Communists are tied up with corporatism.

Suffice it to say, money going back and forth between a Political party and a for-profit corporation is a big no-no. No public disclosure. No regulation. Nada. Just the way the backdoor boys in the Unions and Socialist Anarchy groups like it. Right in the backdoor. Top that off with money going back and forth between the two and a “non-profit” organization like ACORN and you have public grants going to city council candidates, union money going unaccountably to state elections, and it all spells fraud, fraud and, oh yeah, FRAUD.

Working Families fundraising has continued apace amid the recent scrutiny, though the January filing shows the Party with just $182,000 in its state account. This includes a $10,000 contribution from Rep. Jerry Nadler ($10,000) and $5,000 each from Gov. David Paterson and Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver.

So your Democrat party is not far removed from this scoundrel bunch. They are trying to bring the WFP to California, like it doesn’t have enough problems. Watch your local election ballots!

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