Today’s recall election rallies in Mission Viejo

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After holding two large recall rallies in front of our city library, the second of which, held on Thursday afternoon, was covered by Spencer Kornhaber of OC Weekly, the initial rally held last Saturday  included live interviews by Pastor Wiley Drake on his Satellite radio program.  As most expected to see Mission Viejo recall candidate Dave Leckness to eventually show up he has not disappointed us.

After stopping to see the pro-recall crowd (who are also supporting Dale Tyler) at the intersection of Jeronimo and Alicia Parkway at 11 a.m. this morning I was told that Dave Leckness and his supporters were standing in front of the Arco station site of the first recall rally at La Paz and Marguerite.

When I arrived at that location I proceeded to take photos of their group which consisted of Dave holding a sign, another man, and three ladies standing by two banners. The large banner confirms what I have been reporting since my interview of Dave. Anyone who is running for a city council seat in a city of 100,000 people, regardless of the circumstances, should take this responsibility seriously.

The large white banner reads: Vote NO on recall followed by vote for Dave Leckness.

Talk about a confusing message. Why is Dave a candidate if he opposes the recall?

I believe the other man wearing a hat in these photos is Dan Avery. There were also three ladies which might include Dave’s daughters. As I stood across the street Dave and I waved to each other as he announced to the others that I was there.

At this point I returned to the recall group corner to find a dozen different banners , recall candidate Dale Tyler and 20 volunteers standing at all four corners. In addition to the banners were yard signs reading RECALL MacLean, Vote YES and others that read elect Dale Tyler for city council

One of these huge yellow banners three lines read:

                                Mr. VioLance Unfit for UCI  Unfit for Mission Viejo

 A second banner read: 

         Recall information @ Mission Viejo Dispatch .com

One of the volunteers, who arrived early, saw a man wearing a blue shirt and light color shorts taking a recall yard sign at the gas station exit and, even after being told to put it back, threw it into his white Ford utility van and took off. This resident contacted the OCSD resulting in a deputy being dispatched and opening preliminary investigative work. It is the silly season. Unfortunately, stealing and breaking signs has become part of the game.

I originally was considering a headline that read: Groundhogs Day is after the recall election. That’s why we haven’t seen Lance who has been honkering down.

My guess is that Lance does not wish to be seen in public in case someone asks him to respond to the allegation of his exhibiting violence at UCI. The fact that he “copped a plea” does not wipe out the incident which happened in front of a huge UCI crowd.

 I don’t care if the other man refused to open a toilet or not. You cannot justify choking someone when it takes four police to get your hands off his neck when trying to address a problem and get a free pass. That’s the concern expressed to me by many of our registered voters. The Register can spin the legality all they want.

I am tempted to contact the victim to get a quote but I shall let that pass. The police report is all we need to confirm that he has lashed out at another individual. With his temper no one knows the next time it will happen.

While it may be safe in our streets, at times I question if it is safe inside our council chambers as it relates to female council members, past and present.

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