Ten Other Predictions for 2010

Following the lead of Terry Crowley, let me try my top 10 predictions for 2010. And, for the record, I acknowledge that some of these 10 have multiple parts so it could be argued I am predicting more than 10 things for 2010:

1. Regardless of election outcomes, Congress will continue to be a 100% partisan reality with continuing low public esteem.

2. The Register will survive the year, but barely.

3. Iran will implode but the outcome may not be much better.

4. General Motors will struggle to survive, and may not make it.

5. President Obama’s popularity within the U.S. will continue to decline as “yes we can” becomes “well I thought we could”.

6. California State Government will cut services and increase taxes to patch together another 1 year budget, with heavy use of accounting tricks and other gimmicks.

7. Orange County legislators sent to Sacramento will continue to be largely ineffective and the voters will be duped into approving initiatives designed to punish legislators, government employees or some other “special interests” unless the voters begin to realize they could be the next “special interest” to fall into an initiative’s cross hairs.

8 At the County level, Tom Daly will lose whatever office he runs for; the current County CEO will announce his retirement which will be but a part of a brain drain of experienced people within county government; Chris Street will be found liable in the lawsuit challenging his administration of the Fruehauf bankruptcy and liquidation; Mike Carona will escape having to serve jail time and Board of Supervisors efforts to undo previously granted county employee retirement benefits will continue to be mired in litigation.

9. Current Congressional effort to enact immigration reform with an amnesty provision will fail and instead an anti-immigrant public attitude will gain steam due to economic and terrorist issues.

10. Tragedy will impact the USA in the form of one or more terrorist acts and a major natural disaster.

I hope I am wrong on most of these, but watch for a big earthquake.

About Over But Not Out

A retired Orange County employee, and moderate Republican. The editor seriously does not know OBNO's identity as did not the former editor, but his point of view is obviously interesting and valued.