Perp Walk Tonight

Tonight, President Obama will give a “great” speech. You can fill that speech with whatever you want to. “Common ground”, which the average American will take to mean “fewer abortions”, “less spending”, “more transparency”, actually mean something totally the opposite.

Now, don’t misunderstand. As a male, the abortion issue is one I have always understood was about ME. It’s in MY interest. I support it. But I also support as few as possible. Push alternatives. The stated position of this administration is  “It is not our goal to reduce the number of abortions.” Less spending translates into taxes at least staying the same, if not gradually lowering over time. Not saying CUT TAXES. Saying, quit finding reasons to raise them. I don’t need to state what the position of this administration is, do I? More transparency means I want to have a sense that what you are doing is evident for everyone to see and those who want to have an impact. Give your opinion, your opinion is heard. Yes, there are things called elections. But don’t act like what we think of in between elections is meaningless.

But Barack Obama is the opposite of everything you hope. His administration doesn’t care about how MANY abortions there are. Not caring about how a dollar is created, but only interested in how a dollar is spent. And backroom deals like the Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker Kickback are just the tip of  the iceberg.

So you can spend the show paying attention to how many times he says “let me be clear”, bi-partisan, children and grandchildren, unprecedented levels, status quo and CHANGE. Play Obama bingo here.

There won’t be much else you’ll need to hear.

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