Most union workers now work for the government, according to B.L.S.

For the first time in American history, a majority of union members are government workers rather than private-sector employees, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced in a press release on Friday.

While some leftwing hacks believe that this is okay, most Americans should be concerned about this, particularly with the public employee pension crisis in full bloom.

“In its annual report on union membership, the bureau undercut the longstanding notion that union members are overwhelmingly blue-collar factory workers. It found that membership fell so fast in the private sector in 2009 that the 7.9 million unionized public-sector workers easily outnumbered those in the private sector, where labor’s ranks shrank to 7.4 million, from 8.2 million in 2008,” according to the New York Times.

Some “highlights” from the 2009 data include:

  • More public sector employees (7.9 million) belonged to a union than did private sector employees (7.4 million), despite there being 5 times more wage and salary workers in the private sector.
  • Workers in education, training, and library occupations had the highest unionization rate at 38.1 percent.
  • Black workers were more likely to be union members than were white, Asian, or Hispanic workers.
  • Among states, New York had the highest union membership rate (25.2 percent) and North Carolina had the lowest
    rate (3.1 percent).

And of course these public employees have about taken over the Democratic Party, with predictably disastrous consequences.  The good news is that their agenda is now in utter disarray, with the underdog victor of Republican Scott Brown over Martha Coakley, in Massachusetts. 

What about Latinos?  Only 10.2% belong to unions.  Yet Latino elected officials overwhelmingly whore themselves to unions.  And a Latina, Hilda Solis, is now the head of the U.S. Department of Labor.

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