Is the Recall Campaign against Mission Viejo Councilman Lance Maclean in trouble?

Is Mission Viejo activist Connie Lee in trouble over the Lance MacLean recall campaign?

We received a tip today from one of our readers, Dan Avery, alleging that a judge has signed a court order and that the Orange County District Attorney’s office has picked up the orginal petitions to recall Mission Viejo City Councilman Lance MacLean, from the Mission Viejo City Clerk.

Our blogger Larry Gilbert is making calls to confirm this.  No reports have arisen in local newspapers or blogs.

However, the O.C. Register reported in December that the District Attorney was probing the matter.

“Lake Forest resident David Barron recently said that he had gathered signatures for recall proponents. Under current election laws, a signature-gatherer must be able to vote in the election they are petitioning for, and Barron is a non-resident,” according to the O.C. Register.

Avery is also alleging that recall proponents Connie Lee and Dale Tyler are going to be arrested.  Tyler is also a candidate to replace MacLean on the Mission Viejo City Council.

It should be noted that Avery’s wife is apparently serving as the Treasurer for the campaign of Dave Leckness, another candidate to replace MacLean.  Leckness is thought to be allied with MacLean.

Gilbert will update this story later if he can corroborate any of this.

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