Happy New Year, you’re fired!

Governor Arnold tried to do the right thing.  He thought that if he just furloughed enough people for a few days a month…everyone could keep their jobs and continue to support their families….even if they worked for the State of California.  But, Judges, Unions and greedy self serving types believed that to kill the Golden Goose was probably the better way to feed their families.

So, as the Budget Crisis hits “Maximum Overload”….the next logical step is to simply “fire everyone”.  When you can’t pay your bills, can’t borrow money from your family or any bank on the planet……when your work has been determined to be “unsustainable”……well….in the words of Donald Trump: “You’re Fired!”

In the State of California, Foreclosures have become an endemic part of the the society.  Residential and Commercial Real Estate is being presently propped up by not using “Mark to Market” grading systems.  Banks, are keeping these rotten, toxic assets on their books under 2005 Real Estate Values.  They may be empty, they may be disintegrating in front of their very eyes, they may be borrowing the cash from the Federal Government just to pay the taxes…….but this charade goes on.

Certain banks have determined that they need to use the Guiliani “Fix the broken window scenario” in order to maintain any temporal value and to possibly make those properties attractive enough ….that someone might actually want to inhabit and buy them.  The problems come, when shortly after the repairs are made on these properties…..the new washer and dryer get stolen, even the new flooring….can be found missing.  The right way to sell these properties of course….is to include the general repair in the purchase price….so that right after the repairs are made…..the new owners will be moving in and not letting that property remain empty and simply go fowl, before they are inhabited.

More importantly, banks need to take a district or regional approach to making these repairs.  Whether it is a single street, four square blocks, or the complete north, south, east or west side of a community.  Fixing one house and leaving the others in disrepair is not going to solve the problem.  All we have to do is look at Detroit, Lansing and other cities in Michigan to see the effects of not taking a semi-regional approach to housing and commerical building repairs.  So, where are those Redevelopment dollars going again?

Governor Arnold can not be blamed this time for a lack of planning or being able to find solutions to the State’s problems.  He tried to make the system work for most of the State’s workers – by using a share the pain scenario with a temporary furlough system.  Just as was the case when he supported the four big initatives that would have brought the profligate spending under control….he was roundly defeated by the same greedy, self serving….””I’ve got mine….and you aren’t taking anything from me!” State Employee mindset!  It wasn’t Arnold that said: “Let them eat cake!”

Well, perhaps the time has come to simply shut down our State Goverment completely!  Perhaps, reducing the the size of Government has finally taken its natural progression.  Perhaps, Government is simply “Unsustainable”!  Perhaps, if we just pay for the CHP and State Marshall’s Office….that will be enough.  Oh, and the Franchise Tax Board of course.  There does need to be some place for the citizens to send money.  Perhaps, California will become much like Italy with a hundred City States!  Each taxing, each providing a variety of duplicated efforts, each raping and pilaging every person that has two cents in their pockets.  Hey, how about paying for your Driver’s License and auto tages at your local City Hall?  Who needs the State of California anyway?

Where does the Federal Government send all its bail-out cash?  Every city and town in California just sends in a postcard to Washington, D.C.  “Dear President Obama, send cash!”   Need we say, the time has  come to fire every State Legislator and make them stand in line…..for Unemployment Insurance.  Oops, that office is also closed.  “So sorry people!”  If you want to serve as an unpaid Legislator..you will have to pay the entire cost of the election you run in.

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