Fruit of Loom blow out sale?

Haines, Jockey, Calvin Klein or Fruit of the Loom from the 99 cents store….Terrorism is alive and well.  Which underwear will get the nod the next time? 

John Brennan, Obama Administration Security Advisor was making the rounds of today’s Sunday talk shows.  Touting what a great job we did in finding out where all the Al-Queda people are in the world. 

He failed to mention Malaysia, Burma, France or even Japan.  He did say that closing the Yemen Consulate in regard to a prevailing threat from Al-Qaeda was a necessary precaution.  He did cling tenaciously to the thought that the Christmas Underwear Bomber was just another  “common criminal” that required the US Criminal Justice system rather than treating him like a German soldier that landed on the shores of New York…to blow up strategic targets in the US…and was promptly placed in custody in an Arizona prison for “Prisoners of War!”  Several of his conpatriots that landed were also executed because they failed to wear uniforms and were operating as 5th columnists, in concert with other willing American/German sympathizers…..but hey – that was World War II procedure.

Today, Militant Islamic Soldiers of Allah are finding ways to get around the American Judicial System.  They get Pakistanis to help them aboard US Airliners…without papers.  They strap on blow up sex toys and try to bring down hundreds of innocent people….because they can.  The crazy part of this story is that the actual combatants we found on the battlefields that were taken and placed in Guantanemo are not considered “common criminals”.  Why not?  Maybe, President Reagan was right.  The Soviet Union was just a bunch of “common criminals” that deserved the tag: “Evil Empire!”  Maybe the MISA’s will be able to change someday too!  We have to be hopeful that this “War on Terror” has nothing to do with ideology.  John Brennan seems to think that the whole thing is just based on economic disenfranchisement. 

So, what do we do….give them all Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises?  That way we won’t have to close our Embassy in Yemen or Consulates everywhere around the world.  Janet Napolitano has screwed the pooch badly…and didn’t even have the courage to show up on the Sunday talk shows.  If the Homeland Defense Chief cannot show up and answer directly charges from our puny CNN press corps….”She has to go!”  Congressman Dan Burton said that last week!

The safety of the American people is a stake here and President Obama had better get a handle on those that surround him.  These people have to have the goods to protect our country.  After Brennan’s remarks today……we are not feeling a warm and cozy feeling that things are going to be much better soon.  The whole concept that we need to “nation build” in order to stop Al-Qaeda is  totally flawed ideology.  The people of Afganistan have seen “rug dealers and sellers” for 4000 years.  They know when they are being kidded.  They know that Karzai is hopeless and they know that the US always backs the wrong dictators.

We need to stop thinking we can create “pilot programs” for Afghanistani farmers that will stop organized crime, war lords and the the Great Taliban Society….which is really “Terrorists Without Borders”!  The poppy trade has flourished for two or three thousand years.  Bio-Enginnered corn….is not going to replace that crop or that market for the products created.  We need to take out the War Lords that are not on our side.  Simply and Directly:  “Are you on our side or on the Al-Qaeda side Mr. War Lord?”  ” Thanks for your direct answer…we will get back to you!”  What did President Bush say? “Either you are with us or against us!”  We couldn’t agree more!  Gray areas are for economic systems…..not war!

We probably will need a “Manhattan Project” for building Predator aircraft after we hear or find out the truth.  As we have said before:  Limit our exposure, bring back the lion share of our troops and every time the Taliban or Al-Qaeda raise their heads…in a town square or at a city council meeting……..our boyz will be sent on the way for “Dispatch Duty”!  Any captured combatants go immediately to Special Prisons (Gitmo East)  in Tajikistan.  We can man this nice prison location and surround it with as many International Troops as necessary.  We can bring all their willing family and friends and we can keep them too!

Protecting our country does not include burdening our Judicial system with a bunch of Militant Isalmic Soliders of Allah.   Without a doubt, our allies also need a location to send their prisoners to as well.  We could at least be helpful in that regard.  Every prisoner needs to be in solitary confinement and never released – never released.  We need to keep the Yemenese prisoners we have at Guantanemo and send them to Tajikistan too!

Mr. President, even Richard Holbrooke is even starting to look intelligent.  Please rid yourself of non-performing players in your Administration.  You are a Black President and do not need anymore stupid white people messing up the first two years of your Administration.  That goes double for our Generals as well.  Take charge and do it “your way”!  Just do not forget that we are out here watching…..praying you can protect us and praying that each decision you make will be a productive one.  This is one issue that can’t be mitigated.  You must make a decisive and correct decision that ensures American safety.

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