City Council Candidate Barbara Kogerman Launches Laguna Hills Term Limits Initiative


DATE: Jan. 11, 2010
CONTACT: Barbara Kogerman (949) 855-9889  or (949) 422-6203 (cell)

City Council Put on Notice

City Council Candidate Barbara Kogerman Launches Laguna Hills Term Limits Initiative

Twenty years is way too long for politicians to remain on city council, according to Laguna Hills council candidate Barbara Kogerman, who filed paperwork today for a Laguna Hills Term Limits Initiative. Her Term Limits Steering Committee plans to qualify the measure for the November 2010 ballot.

“Today’s City Council is the exact same council elected when the city was incorporated in 1991,” Kogerman says. “We need term limits to promote turnover of office holders while balancing the need for strong experienced leadership.”

Kogerman cites recent revelations that the City Council unanimously authorized the City Manager to buy a $60,000 car for his own personal use as one example of how long-term politicians become mired in wasteful spending and act without public knowledge or input.
“The city needs fresh perspectives and practices and an active political process for strong leaders and new ideas to emerge,” says James Vaughn, Term Limits Initiative Steering Committee Member and Laguna Hills businessman. The initiative calls for a maximum of two consecutive four-year terms with a minimum waiting period of two years before a former council member can run for re-election. There will be no lifetime cap on city council service.

“Council member turnover will keep ideas fresh and allow the council to be innovative in supporting our aging population, strengthening local business, and addressing the lack of humane animal services available to our residents,” says petitioner Jean Bland, publisher of the Laguna Hills Watch Dog.

“Term limits will prevent career politicians from using the benefits of office to remain in power,” adds petitioner Bill Enholm, Nellie Gail Ranch Owners Association Immediate Past President.

The committee has until June 1 to gather signatures, according to Steering Committee Member Pierre Gilbert, who will head up signature gathering. “This effort will require the signatures of 10 percent of the city’s registered voters, or about 2000 valid signatures,” Gilbert says.
“While the law gives us 180 days after notice is legally published to turn in all petitions, we actually only have until June 1 to submit them to the city for verification and meet other requirements so the vote can be scheduled for the November election. Anyone who wants to help should contact Laguna Hills Term Limits Chair Barbara Kogerman at 949-586-5552 or”

Laguna Hills voters will be able to download petitions themselves by going to Kogerman’s website as soon as the petition meets legal requirements.

Kogerman points out that only an initiative proposed or voted on by the voters is binding and can’t be overturned by a city council. At the Jan. 12 City Council meeting she will request that the council either adopt her term limits initiative or place it on the November ballot as an alternative to the signature-gathering process.

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