Caution! Do you have four legged pets in your home?

Thought I might share this email from a friend. I have altered it based on our having two male Cavaliers living with us.

Our dogs sleep about 20 hours a day. They have their food prepared for them.  They can eat whenever they want, 24/7/365. Their meals are provided at no cost to them. They visits the Dr. twice a year for their checkups, and again during the year if any medical needs arise, and as they both age this has truly been the case.

For this they pay nothing, and nothing is required of them. From what I have been told they live in a nice neighborhood in a house that is much larger than they need, but they are not required to do any upkeep. If either of them makes a mess, someone else cleans it up. They have their choice of luxurious places to sleep. They receive these accommodations absolutely free. They each live like a king, and have absolutely no expenses whatsoever. All of their costs are picked up by others who have gone out and earned a living every day. I was just thinking about all this, and suddenly it hit me like a brick in the head,

“Holy Cow, our dogs are democrats!”

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