Arizona seeking to criminalize undocumented immigrants

It looks like Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s position on immigration is prevailing in Arizona…

KNX news reported today that the Legislature in Arizona is considering a law dealing with unlawful immigration even though the control of our borders is a federal responsibility. The radio story quoted an Arizona legislator as pointing out that the border with Mexico is both a federal and a state border.

The proposed law would declare that illegal immigrants in Arizona are trespassing in Arizona and thus criminalize illegal status per state law. Persons found in the State illegally would be prosecuted as a trespasser.

The report did not say whether such trespassing would be a misdemeanor or a felony, or what the punishment for conviction might be. It did say that Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona has said that if the Legislature passes such a bill she will sign it.

Most of us think that when you break the law you have committed some kind of crime. With our border control laws, however, that has not seemed to be the case.  Arizona seeks to change that.

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