Up to 200,000 Americans will die as we delay health care coverage

In sharing health care concerns received from his constituents Nev Sen Harry Reid said “How can we look away?   How can we possibly do nothing?   This isn’t about balance sheets or graphs; its not about contracts or fine print; its not about politics or partisanship. This is about life and death in America.”

Folks. “This is the same Senator Reid who stated that Americans lacking health care are dying every few minutes. A short time ago, Nevada’s senior Senator said on the Senate floor that 45,000 people die each year because they do not have health insurance.”

This morning Rush Limbaugh then projected the senator’s own statement which translates to our losing around 200,000 Americans from the time the Democratic Party got its 60 Senate votes until the starting date of the health care coverage implementation in 2014.
That being the case, why do the multimillions of uninsured, referenced by Sen Reid, where he pleaded on the senate floor to provide coverage for them, now have to wait?

And the big question.

 With so many Americans dying today for lack of health care why are we waiting virtually four years to implement this critical universal health care plan?

Why aren’t the Medicare cuts and increase in federal income tax concurrent with president Obama’s Christmas Eve health care coverage for millions of Americans?

To spin the true cost differential they will tax us immediately yet delay coverage to smooth the first 10 year cost Vs revenue implications.  They are also providing cover for president Obama as the expanded health care implementation will not be effective until after the next presidential election.

let’s see what impact Nancy’s House version will have on the Senate Bill as they hammer out president Obama’s Christmas present. I say president Obama because the uninsured will not find any government health cards under their trees for a few more years, if at all.

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