The Desecration of Science


In the mid 17th century, Galileo Galilei was brought before the inquisition for heresy. His scientific beliefs had challenged established knowledge and Aristotelian scholars. Blind dogmatism even led some scholars of the day to refuse to look through Galileos telescope, insisting it was a trick. Galileo was judged ridiculous, and pitiable, that he could have anything to teach. Especially since he was a mathemetician, and they were the lowest on the pecking order. Galileo was not wealthy, and so to prove his worth to patronage , he was constantly under pressure to prove his scientific and philisophical arguments. Most mainstream scientists were personally wealthy, using their wealth for the free time it took to experiment. They looked down on Galileo, claiming his works had the motivation of profit and accomplishment, rather than “moral duty”. It was only after years of being unable to silence Galileo by logical argument or academic pressure that his enemies turned to the church. Church leaders, having used selective passages from the bible, which were originally intended as parables or analogies, to announce that the sun and stars revolved around the earth, had to assert its authority. Twisting the words of any religion is desecration.galileo

Today, we have the same kinds of scholars refusing to look through the telescope. And they do not like having their dogma challenged. They twist the scope and power of science with words like consensus, which mean nothing. We see the same attempt to destroy the academic careers of scientists who can reveal that climate change is not, and can not be, man made. The men who are supposed to be the vanguard of investigation, research, and discovery, wave their hand and say discussion is ended. The church never needed to defend Aristotelian theories, and it is sad that science has needed to defend Warmer theories. This desecration of science continues unabated, and we as a society are going to pay the price for it.

In case anyone hasn’t heard: at issue is an enormous dump of data from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit that was leaked or hacked and placed online. The data included more than 1,000 e-mails – many of them back-and-forth communications among prominent scientists. The private e-mails showed potentially unethical or illegal behavior and a possible conspiracy to distort science for political gain. That scary list includes plans to avoid freedom of information requests, efforts to delete data and discussions of ways to intimidate the peer review process of scientific publications.

Read my take on it here.

Today, 59% of Americans think scientists have falsified research to support their own theories and beliefs, and just 25% think scientists agree on Climate Change. So we’re not just talking now about Climate Change or Global Warming and is or is it not happening, or is or is it not man made. We’re talking now about the serious undermining of scientific authority caused by the dogmatists, thinking that the ends justify the means. Trying to bring some “moral duty” to scientific research isn’t a way to strengthen your argument. You may win the day, but in the long run, science and everything you speak to will lose. In this case, Global Warming has not won the day.

Chicken Littles, Go Home. Its a more serious discussion now. For serious people.

The Climategate affair that continues to rock the scientific world has already turned a majority of Europeans off of Global Warming. 52% no longer believe that if there is Global Warming, that it is man made. That holds pretty steady among the rest of the industrialized world.

Al Gore has admitted that the warming before 2001 was not caused by CO2. Instead, Gore has switched gears and is now going to start Christian and Muslim training programs about the “moral duty” to solve the Climate Crisis.

Australia’s Senate has rejected Emissions Trading Scheme for a second time.

The Danes have been caught in their own climate controversy, rigging carbon credits in the AGW scam.

There is serious action to pursue the Climate Research Unit at the heart of the revealed emails to criminal fraud. Both in England and Canada. Barbara Boxer may like to call it email-hack-Gate, but she’s dust in the wind like the rest of the leftists.

How long before the Warmers are going to give up this ghost and realize there is no reason to levy Trillions of dollars in taxes for redistribution to the third world, based on a scheme of Carbon Credits created by Ken Lay of Enron fame, and destroy millions of jobs while degrading the standard of living of most of the Western World.

Obama is headed to Copenhagen to try to dedicate the United States to total carbon emissions equal to the United States in 1910, when there were 92 million Americans. Furthermore, our per-capita carbon emissions in 2050, when he says this is going to happen, when there’s going to be 420 million Americans, would be on a per-capita basis what we had in 1875.

We will not even be seriously attempting such goals. And we should not be talking like we will. First Warmers desecrate science, then they desecrate public faith.

Where will it end?

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