Paper Tiger!

In the 1950’s Brother Dave Gardner said:  “When a good man is down…kick him…because that will give him the incentive to rise above it!”

If  Tiger proves anything……it is that we are all here on a “wing and prayer” and that we should all be very grateful for the good that comes to us every day of our lives. 

The number of babes currently claiming “Tigerhood”…is up to 16.  There is little doubt that the number will grow….whether deserved by the “Good Tiger” or not.  How many “Tiger Cubs” will be forth coming?  How many charges that Tiger had sex in every Golf Course Club House….in the world?  The number of baseless, senseless or inappropriate issues brought to the surface will certainly outnumber all his Major wins – with the call;  Tiger slept here.

Tiger is being set up.  Set up no less… himself, his current advisors and the rest of the very jealous Golf World.  Every player in the world will now have to judge his performance on the number of “off the course victories!”.  The charges that Tiger was “hanging out” with a Doctor that had no compunctions about dispensing Steroid Enhancing Drugs…..makes one wonder what HGH consumption that Tiger was dialing in – in addition to his Vicodin and Ambien smooth pills for sex.

What is most disconcerting of course are the many documented and undocumented pay-offs to babes …….for their silence, their support, their….what?  Forget naming names……that list is going to grow like Topsy!  Tiger knows this and isn’t willing to face the growing number that will eventually be revealed.

Then of course are the unanswered charges to come.  Did Tiger pay off other players to lay down at Major Touraments.  Maybe to miss that occasional putt on the 16th or 17th… make sure Tiger won?  Right now, nothing is off the table!  Tiger is said to be either on his yacht “The Privacy”….out of Florida visiting some dude who can hide him out, leaving for France, leaving for Bora Bora…..or maybe just buying a tropical island somewhere  and trying to fall off the edge of the world.  In the meantime, Elin….the nanny to Jasper Parnevik, a scratch golfer herself, the daughter of one of the Governors of a  Swedish State seems to have her own plans.  Those plans currently include wearing no diamond wedding ring from Tiger, buying a fixer upper in Sweden and packing the moving vans.

In the meantime, those busted up lips on Tiger must not have healed and he is being sequestered out of the public eye.  He is so embarrrassed and so rich that he thinks he can hide out like Roman Polanski.  Just drop off the face of the earth and drink anisette in a sidewalk cafe….getting oral sexual favors from the thousands that just long to add their names to his Golf Bag towel.

Well Tiger…..nevermind…don’t bother to address your millions of fans around the world.  Do an Independent Film re-make of “Last Tango in Paris”!  Make sure you turn down the Academy Award for best Documentary and not show up to get your prize.  Maybe John Daly or Donny Deutsch….will volunteer to show up at the Kodak Theatre in your sted.

Good luck Tiger……your worth on paper is sinking faster than the Titanic…..hopefully someone will save you a spot on one of the Life Rafts….with your money….that should not be a problem!   Paper Tiger!

Athlete of the Decade!

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