Palin Strikes Back with imitation of Shatner


In the past Bill Shatner had made something of a name for himself by reading dramatically from a script of Palin’s resignation speech and various tweets from the retired Governor. This time Shatner went on the Tonight Show to read from Palin’s autobiography “Going Rogue.” The Shatner reading was humorous as usual but the real entertainment of the night came when Palin appeared on stage to read from Shatner’s own biography.

“I was gonna visit that elephant … in my underwear…”

Palin does a decent job herself in making fun of Shatner and gets a good amount of laughs from the crowd. Ultimately the skit is a brilliant move by Palin as it helps show her willingness to make fun of herself and engage in lighthearted fun. This approach is much more helpful to Palin than her attitude in the past in which she was reluctant to go on SNL for a similar type of skit. Also Read Palin 46% Obama 47%

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