Our Future With No Immigration

A Day without a Mexican

The New York Times reported on December 17 that by the middle of this century our population will begin to decline, 1 of every 4 in the United States would be elderly, and non-Hispanic whites would remain a majority. Deaths will begin to exceed births around 2048. That is, if immigration was to stop.

However, if immigration did not stop but instead slowed, non-Hispanic whites would become a minority by 2050. If immigration was a little higher, then that milestone would be reached in 2040.

People age 65 and over would be more than 1 in 5 by midcentury under all projections by the Census Bureau except for zero immigration. The story says that without immigration the nation’s labor force would decline by 7 million as the baby boomer retirement wave plays out, but with immigration at least 31 million would be added to the labor force between 2015 and 2035.

The data in this article and the Census Bureau projections depict a situation with no immigration that is one of a stagnating and then declining labor force, with increasing numbers of retirees depending on a dwindling working population. Immigration at traditional levels would offset that decline and help assure a growing economy and support for the retiring populace.

According to this information, like it or not a no immigration policy would lead to a deteriorating quality of life in economic terms for the U.S. population. The message is that immigration is a driver of our economy and that we need an on-going immigration policy to fuel our economic and social well being.

We can expect to hear counter views from quarters challenging this report as full of overzealous projections and manipulation of data designed by liberals to garner support for continued, and perhaps increased, immigration by engaging in scare tactics. Take your pick.

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