‘Tis the Season For Fax Blizzards!

What I’m trying to get across with these two images – the blizzard and the crazy fax machine – is pretty simple really:  Since all our lawmakers’ offices are closed till Monday (and since the Tainted Sale of our Fairgrounds was conveniently scheduled in early January to make it most difficult for us to fight) this holiday weekend is a perfect time to send all those free faxes to the remaining holdouts:  Senators Correa, Harman, Wyland & Huff;  and Assemblymen Miller, Mendoza & Hagman.

We want them to get in Monday morning and have to sweep the faxes off the floor, and then fill their empty machines with paper so they can get a hundred more.  And we can do this!  If I have your phone number or e-mail I’ll probably be contacting you this weekend with this task.  So, why don’t you do the same with all your OC friends?  Just send them a link to this post!  It’s a nice issue for Democrat-Republican togetherness, in this cozy season.

Okay, enough nonsense.  Here are two links: https://faxzero.com/GotFreeFax.com where you can send two free faxes per day (if you don’t have a fax machine) and here are the numbers for our holdouts.   Just tell them to co-sponsor AB 1590, and stop the sale of our Fairgrounds!  And don’t worry about what district you’re in, this is an OC issue and these are OC lawmakers:

Senator Lou Correa, 714-558-4111
Senator Tom Harman, 916-651-4035
Senator Mark Wyland, 916-446-7382
Senator Bob Huff, 916-324-0922
Assemblyman Jeff Miller, 916-319-2171
Assemblyman Tony Mendoza, 916-319-2156
Assemblyman Curt Hagman, 916-319-2160

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