New immigration amnesty proposed in Congress

Luis V. Gutierrez

Illinois Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez is proposing a new amnesty for immigrants

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On December 15 the New York Times reported that Representative Luis V. Gutierrez, Democrat of Illinois, introduced legislation in Congress that would open the path to legal status for millions of immigrants who have illegal status.

The article says that Gutierrez stated that he introduced the bill as a reflection of “growing impatience with the pace of immigration change among a coalition of Democratic lawmakers, immigrant advocates and labor and religious groups.” The article goes on to say that on Capitol Hill the bill was declared DOA by some Republicans and privately by some Democrats too.

The bill would provide that immigrants could gain legal status by paying a $ 500 fine, learning English and undergo a criminal background check. Unlike previous proposals in Congress, this bill would not require immigrants to first return to their home country.

A weakness in the article is that it does not give the HR number of the bill. This seems to add yet another ambiguity to things coming out of Illinois these days.

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