Misguided public safety union spending in Mission Viejo RECALL

Today’s OC Register contains a timely report of “contributions given or independent expenditures made by public safety groups to current state officials or candidates for state office, including state lawmakers, the governor and constitutional officers, such as the attorney general.”

What the Register failed to include is the current spending by our very own OCSD union on behalf of Mission Viejo Mayor Lance MacLean with TV commercials on FOX News opposing the recall of Lance.
What amazes me is that the union leader(s) ignored the very first charge in the RECALL against Lance which reads:

VIOLENCE when you were arrested by Police for assault and battery on a coworker.

Every voter in Mission Viejo should have received their sample ballot on Saturday.

 In his answer Lance intentionally avoids responding to that charge. He also avoids any response to charges of ANGER and INCIVILITY or HATRED and DISRESPECT.

Folks. The costly TV ads are paid for by the Orange County Sheriff’ Deputy’s Union.
This is the same Lance MacLean who opposed additional funding for two OCSD deputies during one of our city council budget meetings.  The irony can be found in his ballot answer where Lance claims that a group of residents will take over the city and “reduce or eliminate funding for Sheriff’s deputies” yet his July 2, 2007 vote, which is a public record, is more powerful than any sky will fall crystal ball.

Agenda Item #21  “Motion made by Council Member Kelley, seconded by Mayor Pro Tempore Ledesma, to increase the 2007-2008 budget by $425,000 for two School Resource (OCSD) Deputies, two fully equipped patrol cars, and two portable radios.

On Roll call, said motion carried by the following vote:

Council Member Kelley, Council Member Ury, Mayor Pro-Temore Ledesma and Mayor Reavis

NOES: Council Member MacLean

Gilbert closing comments.

Sadly the OCSD union failed to engage in “Trust But, Verify” before agreeing to support Lance MacLean who opposed expanding their ranks.

I will send a copy of this post to Wayne J. Quint, Jr, President, Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs

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