Loretta Dances While California Burns

Loretta Sanchez Christmas Card 2009

Loretta Sanchez’s holiday card is further proof how disconnected she is from the plight of struggling Californians.  In her card, Sanchez, clad in a glistening designer gown, waltzes with her lover, as if in a dream.  Meanwhile, Californians are trapped in an unending nightmare of unemployment and higher taxes.  In Washington, Sanchez is busy frolicking and “planning a big, big party.”  Back home, California’s working families struggle to make ends meet while her Democrat party takes ever larger bites of their paychecks.

Loretta Sanchez symbolizes the broken promise of the Democrat party.  Even as they promise equality, Democrat elites deliver aristocracy.  While Sanchez parties in her mansion, Californians toil in the fields – peasants on the Democrat plantation.  Even as Sanchez’s immigrant supporters struggle to escape poverty and corrupt elitism in Mexico, Sanchez makes clear that the Democrats offer no escape, except to the chains of serfdom.

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