Lipstick on the Bankrupt Pig


So now, the Leftists propose to ADD 3 million 55 and older to Medicare, 3 million being the rough number of uninsured in that age group. Gone are the dogmatic and insincere phrases of universal care, public option, controlling costs, deficit reduction, and revenue neutral. Now the operative phrase is Medicare Expansion. The Leftists have been making noises for months about cutting Medicare by $400 billion, and now they want to add to a problem that is already bankrupt 11 years soon than previously predicted. It is forcing many of their more moderate members to remind them about fiscal sanity. The few Moderate leftists in the Senate, Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson and Olympia Snowe have all expressed doubts about the Medicare expansion, especially since no one, not even Majority Whip Dick Durbin, have been allowed to read details of the Medicare expansion since it went to the CBO for scoring.

But the reality is already coming quick and brutal. The Obama administration’s chief actuary for Medicare and Medicaid has already concluded that the Senate health bill would actually increase national health spending by about $234 billion over the next 10 years.  Not revenue neutral. No deficit reduction. Just more spending. Period. The Democrats have to choose: cease their hypocritical attacks on the best medical care in the world, or show their true colors and pretend like what the American people are demanding means nothing. They don’t want to pay more for less medical quality, they don’t want to have government determine who pays what for premiums – favoring some groups and burdening others, and they don’t want to put people in prison for not buying insurance.

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