GOP Should Join Burton Against Maldonado

Abel Maldonado

Abel Maldonado probably isn’t a fan of John Burton…

It’s a rare thing when the GOP should agree with John Burton.  California Democrat Chair Burton has come out against confirming Abel Maldonado as Lt. Governor.  Progressive blogger and Democrat activist Robert Cruickshank disagrees, but suggests that Democrats should “[step] out of the way” of Maldonado’s confirmation.  The GOP should likewise step out of the way because they have nothing to gain by Maldonado’s confirmation.

“Democrats don’t vote for Republicans,” says Burton.  He scoffs at concerns that rejecting Maldonado would hurt the spirit of bipartisanship that earned Maldonado the nomination.  “There is no bipartisanship…It won’t mean sh..t,” he declares.  (There goes that fashionable idea!) Nor is Burton concerned about rejecting a high profile latino for Lt. Governor.  Ethnicity shouldn’t be an issue, he contends, because “that’s a quota.” (And Democrats are so not into quotas!)

Cruickshank suggests letting Maldonado be confirmed and then painting a target on his back that Democrats can shoot at until easily defeating  him for reelection.  He argues that Democrats should focus on gaining a 2/3 majority. “The state legislature is at the center of Democratic fortunes in this state, ” he says, “Because it has been in Democratic hands for nearly 40 years, it is seen as the most obvious model of what the Democratic Party stands for and can accomplish in California.” (Can you say insolvency?)

Nevertheless, Cruickshank is on the right track.  The GOP should not vote for Maldonado either.  To the GOP base, Maldonado is a symbol of failed GOP leadership and self-serving Sacramento deal-making.  And John Burton is quite right that “bipartisanship” doesn’t “mean sh..t.”  It’s just a trick that Democrats use to hoodwink gullible GOP leaders.  (The Democrats own words prove that, once the bipartisan deal is done, they will always kick the GOP faithless to the curb.) And what does the GOP stand to gain?  Let Maldonado fail, so that he can slink away into the shadows.  He deserves nothing more.

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