Fly Liberal or Fly Conservative?

So civil libertarians and liberals who don’t mind digging into your medical records have a problem with being safe on a plane. Progressive Republicans and Democrats alike, perhaps in some knee jerk response to the Patriot Act, voted in bipartisan (310-118) fashion to BAN the full body scans that would have made getting on the flight to Detroit Christmas Eve difficult if not impossible. Passengers leaving Amsterdam via the rest of the world had to pass through such scanners, but NOT to the US!!!

Thanks ACLU!!

This is an example of what happens when your Congress acts bi-partisan ladies and gentlemen. It is the worst thing in the world. It makes life less. It makes you less secure. It takes more from you. The next time you hear “BIPARTISANSHIP!!” remember the Body Scan machines.

So the question is, do you want to fly Liberal Airlines or Conservative Airlines?

Do you want the full body scan? Do you want the individuals who fit the profile to be taken aside and interviewed? Do you want to sit next to a US Marshall armed with his .45? Do you want to keep small bottles which could be filled with high explosives off the plane you are travelling on? Do you demand that an individual who is believed to have extremist religious ties should be prevented from boarding for the United States?

Then fly Conservative Airlines!

Want to take your chances the next time you fly? Want to see Grandma wanded while her sandals are swabbed for high explosives? Want to see if you can take the next terrorist with your spork? Want to be sitting next to the man who tries to detonate his underwear? Want to make sure that anyone who wants to come to the US to do us harm can get here?

Then fly Liberal Airlines!

Now, I’m not saying that everything is tolerable. Liberals and Civil Libertarians who insist on putting everyone through these safety checks are putting us all through a waste of time and taking resources away from other matters of security.

If you lived in southern California, you wouldn’t build a storm shelter because a tornado can happen anywhere. You don’t need to build a reinforced roof because you might get hit by a meteor. You don’t need to use a scanner on your property every morning in case someone planted a land mine. At this same time, the 88 year old man shouldn’t get treatment like he could be a terrorist. And the Marine coming back from Iraq shouldn’t be treated like he could be al qaeda. There are other possible security threats. Women’s stockings and underwear, as well as men’s ties and belts, can be used as garrotes for strangulation. Soda straws can be used to blow poison darts.

The argument that you can’t tell who might and who might not be a bigger threat is stupid and is only an effort to slow and impede security measures that would make us all safer.

That’s why the ACLU opposes body scans.

“There were precisely two groups of people who desperately wanted airport security to be browbeaten into giving suspicious passengers a pass: terrorists and Democrats.” – Ann Coulter

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