Democrat Civil War

Listen with Holiday cheer as psycopath Olbermann rants that “The American Insurance Cartel is the Death Panel, and this Senate bill does nothing to destroy it.” All the Heavy Breathing about calling out Government denying care because of costs, and look what the altar boy of socialism goes and says.

Or this great line about Joe Lieberman: “Out of pique, out of revenge, out of betrayal of his earlier wiser saner self, he has sold untold hundreds of thousands of us into pain and fear and privation and slavery — for money.”  The irony is, that statement is quite true. It’s true about every left wing legislator in office today. They sell hundreds of thousands of Americans into slavery, turning hardworking families into pack animals for their altruistic fantasies. They care nothing about creating wealth, and everything about spending it.

This phrase threw me into a fit of pique.

Any bill will engender criticism but this bill costs you the left — and anybody who now has to pony up 17 percent of his family’s income to buy this equivalent of Medical Mobster Protection Money.” Has Olbermann been reading my posts?

Good luck, Good Night, and God Bless America!!!

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