Conservative PAC Backs DeVore

Sen. Jim DeMint has launched a conservative PAC to reshape the GOP Senate caucus.  The Senate Conservatives Fund is backing Chuck DeVore, Florida’s Marco Rubio, and conservative challengers in Kentucky and New Hampshire.  Conservative activists oppose the (supposedly neutral) National Republican Senatorial Committee’s (NRSC) support of faux-conservative candidates like Carly Fiorina and Florida’s Charlie Crist (who OC conservatives booed for praising Schwarzenegger’s governorship).  Sen. DeMint has given the center-right a badly needed voice.

Sen. DeMint makes clear that the U.S. Senate needs remaking:

“I decided that I did not want to be here with the same people that I’ve been with before, Democrats, Republicans, everybody.  I want some people [in the Senate] who are willing to stand up and go where America is going.”

Sen. DeMint and center-right activists are critical of McCain and GOP leaders who led the party into the wilderness, but offer only tepid opposition to the left’s radical agenda.

Conservatives have blackballed the NRSC for supporting cap-and-tax supporters like Carly Fiorina and Mark Kirk.  Sen. DeMint’s PAC gives the center-right a badly needed voice.  Says Sen. DeMint,

“All across this country there has been a growing movement of Americans who are standing up, crying out.  They’re anxious, they’re angry. They’re looking for candidates now that they weren’t looking for even last year.”

Unlike the NRSC and its chairman Sen. John Cornyn, Sen. DeMint appears to have learned that the center-right rejects the GOP leadership’s penchant for center-left candidates like Dede Scozzafava and Carly Fiorina.

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