Another Pellet Lands On Our Doorstep

On a post we did the other day about the Red County blog signing up a RINO, we received this choice nugget from our ethically challenged nemesis, Matthew J. Cunningham:

We’ll remember that when you faux conservatives on FFFF come out for Lou Correa next year.

Hmm. That was a pretty uninformed comment, even from our rodentine pal.

Yes, it's true. We eat our own babies.

Yes, it's true. We eat our own babies.

As readers of this blog know, our primary aim is to promote political representatives that are accountable to their constituents, and not to themselves, the bureaucracy, or to lobbyists. Many of us happen to believe that conservatism is more likely to produce that result than liberalism. But we recognize all too well that plenty of so-called conservatives are the biggest government supported parasites we can think of. Consider the money machine that is Ackerman, Inc. Read more of “Another Pellet Lands On Our Doorstep”.

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