ACORNhole Alert Pt 2!


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The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has informed two House Republicans that it will investigate ACORN’s use of federal funds. The GAO sent a letter to Reps. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, and Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), the ranking member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, informing them of its decision. Smith and Issa on Thursday released the letter, dated Dec. 7.

So, apart from illegal lobbying as told by a former ACORN lobbyisthaving strong armed banks with racial quotas to sell risky mortgages and then use Fannie and Freddie to back them up and bundle them,  using its Union front groups and White House connections to roll back Union disclosure legislation (remember, ACORN/SEIU – same side of same bad penny),  and bringing the international sex trade of ACORN to the forefront as the first major story of the virtual newsroom, they are going to be investigated for misusing public funds.  Good riddance.

From ACORN-holes Part 1

To recap

A Left Wing activist judge has decided that this wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party is entitled, entitled mind you, to your taxpayer dollars. Now, this is the organization that threatened to sue Fox News for uncovering the debauchery, a lawsuit which would have allowed Fox News to search ACORN offices virtually at will during the discovery process. ACORN has dropped the lawsuit upon realizing this.

The ruling that allowed, ALLOWED, the Obama Administration to continue paying on ACORN contracts was in no way any kind of vindication. Congress did not pass a law that said that “laws so-and-so, such-and-such, and etcetera, which earmarked sums of X, Y, and Z for ACORN, are hereby revoked”. Instead, they passed a sweeping declaration that ACORN (and the large number of allegedly related groups swept up in the funding ban) can receive no Federal money in any form. This means that existing contracts to provide services are being cancelled, and ACORN has been barred from even competing to receive any new contracts. That Congress should not have done.

But it doesn’t mean ACORN isn’t going to be held in trial for its actions. There are national investigations by the FBI and the IRS since 2008 for voter fraud and racketeering, and this criminal enterprise will be put down.

What should be important to note is that ACORN will not be receiving anymore contracts from the federal government. Would the Democrats allow religious organizations to compete for the same dollars? Of course not! There can be no right to a guaranteed contract of congressional funds. The problem is, Congress allowed contracts to be placed in the first place. The contracts may be undone sooner, when convictions come in, but we will all have to wait for justice to prevail.

In June 2008, the left-wing Catholic Campaign for Human Development cut off grant money to ACORN “because of questions that arose about financial management, fiscal transparency and organizational accountability of the national ACORN structures.” In November 2008 — ahem, more than a year before the congressional ACORN funding ban was passed — CCHD voted unanimously to extend and make permanent its ban on funding of ACORN organizations. “This decision was made because of serious concerns regarding ACORN’s lack of financial transparency, organizational performance and questions surrounding political partisanship,” according to Bishop Roger Morin.

Did ACORN’s lawyers call that withdrawal of funding “political grandstanding” and “scapegoating,” too?

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