2010 Prognostications

In the spirit of the New Year, I am going to give my Top Ten predictions for 2010.

I want to mention that its a pet peeve of mine that some are counting the end of 2009 as the end of the first decade of the 21st century. 2000 was the END of the 20th century, because there was no year 0 and 1-2000 is two millenia. So the 21st century began in 2001. That means the second decade doesn’t start until 2011. Regardless of life’s piffles, the New Year is a time of anticipation and real hope.

So here are my Top Ten Predictions for 2010.

One. Not one Republican will lose re-election in 2010.

Two. The Republicans will misread the election and screw it up.

Three. Cap and Trade will die.

Four. Amnesty will die.

Five. Iran will be faced with a vocal military threat.

Six. Afghanistan will be too expensive to nation-build.

Seven. Guantanamo will move somewhere else. But it will still be Guantanamo, and the terrorists will still be held.

Eight. If you didn’t like a world of too-strong-America, you will really not like a world of too-weak-America.

Nine. The United States will quit interfering in the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Obama will belatedly admit that there is only lose-lose. There is no romance, no sex, no excitement, no urgency — not even a sense of importance anymore. The only thing driving the peace process today is inertia and diplomatic habit.

Ten. Hillary Clinton will leave the Obama Administration.

Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler? Beuhler?

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