The Real Catch of the Party


Ruh Roh! Looks like the Superior Family and the Clean Family Man aren’t so clean! Wonder what Biden was up to… probably worried about who his entourage was going to run over next! LOL! Let’s just hope we don’t get some story about Biden using this woman as an ashtray during the hearings coming up.  Oh, the scandal! Oh, the impropriety! Oh wait, it’s a Democrat. Never mind.

Hmmm. Seems like you can’t trust the Democrats OR the Republicans, now can you? One would think many of the Left wanna-bes would have learned that by now. Instead of shilling as Democrat media sycophants, wherever they may lie,  they might think twice. The dust can settle quite far. After all, its a growing THROW THE BUMS OUT movement out there, and pretending like they aren’t hypocrites all around just won’t cut it.

Sadly, it is not to be expected. The same carpet chewing, heavy breathers will show you one picture and not another. They’ll talk about Palin, and how scared they are of a woman running for office (a woman who can actually wear a skirt and not look hideous, anyway), and use Willie Horton ads when they spent a decade decrying that very tactic.

But what can you expect? Did you see this picture in the State Run Media?


No, of course not. Then they would have had to spend an entire news hour trying to explain to you why this means Dr Dean ISN’T a SOCIALIST. Hey, the happy horse maneur is piled pretty high but eventually you notice more than the stink.

They’ll tell you Democrats represent the poor, when that isn’t the case anymore. Those districts are represented by Republicans now. Democrats are the party of Goldman Sachs and those “subprime” loans to people with no jobs and no collateral. That kind of logic could only make sense to a liberal who slept through college courses taught by leftist professors, got a job in Democrat New York on Democrat Wall Street where you vacation in the Democrat Hamptons.

Better to quit pretending the Democrats are an acceptable alternative and REALLY vote Libertarian.

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