SAUSD may have to cut another $31 million


SAUSD Superintendent Jane Russo acts as a Chauffeur for SAUSD School Board Members

“Santa Ana Unified School District’s projected $31 million shortfall for the 2010-11 school year could balloon by $33 million if the state budget crisis continues to escalate, district officials said,” according to the O.C. Register.

I am not sure what else the district can cut, at this point.  But they have $93 million in reserves.  And they have wasted a lot of money this year on several questionable moves:

  • They gave Associate Superintendent Juan Lopez a raise, which he is calling a promotion, even as they were laying off teachers.
  • They spent a small fortune remodeling the district offices.
  • They continue to give full benefits to their part time school board members

The classrooms are crowded – and the high school labs are dangerously overcrowded. 

I also heard yesterday from a pajarito who reported that the district is short-changing special education students.  That is quite risky.  If that keeps up, the district could face massive state fines and even a state takeover. 

SAUSD Superintendent Jane Russo said, at a board meeting this year, that she serves the School Board majority.  No Jane, you serve us.  Perhaps it is time for parents and taxpayers to remind her of that.

If nothing else, we need to see more pay cuts for administrators and more of the reserves used to conduct the business of educating our kids.

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