Maine voters barely approving Question One, which will ban gay marriage


GOP hater Jeff Flint and his pal John Lewis

On election night, voters in Maine are narrowly approving Question One, a measure to ban gay marriage, by a margin of 50.51% to 49.49%, according to the Bangor News

The same voters have overwhelmingly approved a measure to legalize medical marijuana, by a margin of 61.76% to 38.24%.

They also appear to have approved a measure which will force their state legislature to seek taxpayer approval for all tax increases, by a margin of 59.96% to 40.04%.

The piece of crap that is Republican consultant Jeff Flint helped design the Yes on Question One ads.  Flint previously foisted Prop. 8, which also banned gay marriage, on California voters.

It is amazing that Flint and his fellow Talibani Republicans keep harping about traditional marriage, when so many of these guys have been busted for infidelity this year.  The latest being disgraced former California Assemblyman Mike Duvall, who resigned from the State Legislature after getting busted for talking about sex with lobbyists with a colleague, while a microphone was open.

Then there is the saga of U.S. Senator John Ensign, who was blackmailed after sleeping with a married staffer, and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, who famously abandoned his family for an affair with a woman in Argentina.  And of course former O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona, who loved to pray in public, but was banging many of his own female employees while keeping a mistress who shared his wife’s name, “Debbie.”

And the list goes on and on…

Why are these people so opposed to gay marriage?  I suspect they really aren’t.  They oppose gay marriage in order to kiss up to their Christian conservative voter base, but these Republican politicians are almost uniformly perverted.  They just don’t want us to know about that part of their lives.

Shame on Flint and his allies for keeping up their hypocritical attack on gay Americans – who only want to live happily as couples.  What is the harm in that?

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